Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

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SDG11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

See UN SDG 11 page [1]

"Indicators related to SDG 11 'sustainable cities and communities' mostly show progress towards sustainable development objectives, in particular in the area of quality of life. Fewer Europeans live in deprived or overcrowded housing conditions, suffer from noise or are victims of crime, violence and vandalism. The EU has also made great strides in reducing its environmental impact with regard to municipal waste management and the urban population's exposure to air pollution. Progress in the area of sustainable transport has however been less pronounced, with the share of public transport (bus and train) in total inland passenger transport increasing only slightly in the past few years. Moreover, the number of fatal road accidents has decreased but is not yet on track to meeting the EU target of halving the number of people killed" ( 2017:14)

Cities in the EU (SDG11).png

Table SDG11.png

All CLI do promote this goal in very different ways. Ecovillages are probably the most complete example. Several Ecovillages are intentional communities where members do come together and design sustainable “dimensions” of living together, including housing, energy, sanitation, economy, … and culture. Not all ecovillages started with an integral and holistic vision but it started developing through the permanent contact with the network (and other initiatives) and considering that a sustainable paradigm does not apply to single topics or sectors.

Interesting references: (Bulkeley et al., 2011) (Wolfram and Frantzeskaki, 2016) (Wilson, 2015) (Smith, 2011) (Tornaghi, 2014)

also see Alexander, S., Rutherford, J., 2018. The “Transition Town” Movement as a Model for Urban Transformation, in: Moore, T., de Haan, F., Horne, R., Gleeson, B.J. (Eds.), Urban Sustainability Transitions, Theory and Practice of Urban Sustainability Transitions. Springer Singapore, pp. 173–189. (in Status Report section of Zotero library)