Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate action

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SDG13 - Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

"For SDG 13 'climate action', data coverage is sufficient for the topic 'climate mitigation', while trends of indicators on 'climate impacts' and 'climate initiatives' cannot be availability of data. Indicators in the sub-theme 'climate mitigation' predominantly show progress, with the EU being well on track to reach its targets for greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energies and energy consumption." ( 2017:16)

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Climate Change is one of the main concerns of community-led initiatives that are part of ECOLISE. For example, Transition initiatives have started by considering pick oil and climate change as the main challenges to tackle by local communities. One of the first outcomes that Transition Network suggested to initiatives worldwide is a local (city, town, etc…) energy descendant plan. Other CLI do also promote lifestyles that have a direct and indirect influence climate change mitigation and adaptation. Initiatives that promote more vegetarian/vegan and local food production and consumption can reduce their GHG footprint by 7%, while promoting sustainable individual transportation (such as biking) could reduce this footprint by 11% (TESS GHG report).

"If 5% of European citizens engaged as beneficiaries of CBIs similar to the ones sampled, almost 85% of the EU-28 countries would meet the target of reducing GHG emissions by 20% by 2020 (considering the food/agriculture, waste, energy and transport domains)." ( :11)

Interesting articles: (Greer, 2017) (Tosun and Schoenefeld, 2016)

Discourse: (Mortensen, n.d.) (Polk, 2015)

Collective action (Bamberg et al., 2015)