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Notes from Second SCP workshop

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Background: Mayor wanted to get advice on how to address the problem of empty buildings in villages. Suggested inviting young people to farm houses where only old people live, make it available for rent rather than leasing by companies. Started to talk about solutions like kindergarten run with very little resources. Started to talk about the future of the village. Raised the idea to connect with other ecovillages to connect with traditional villages about what we have to offer them, not just focus on own ecovillages.

Project scope: 5 villages in 5 regions, in partnership with neighboring villages.

Process: Creating teams in villages to carry out this process of collaboration. Using tools to navigate this journey, to balance focus on concrete projects with keeping a larger time horizon in view.

  1. lesson: Many shared to impression that it’s important to re-learn to work together again, more than doing concrete projects.

There are like-minded people also in the villages, with whom we can unite forces.

When this collaboration gets going, the village mayor let’s go of needing to be in control and can work with us on eye-level.

Example of projects: hitch-hikers benches, village cinemas in churces or village houses, community supported agriculture.

E+ project Ecovillage Transition in Action: addressing gap in regional development approaches. Tom Henfrey (talk) 10:40, 23 September 2019 (CDT)