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There are some pages that could be ready, such as: Community-led initiatives potential and alternative transition trajectories (needs Tom editing) --Gil Penha-Lopes (talk) 11:34, 8 October 2018 (UTC)

Social and economic impacts of community-led initiatives --Gil Penha-Lopes (talk) 23:30, 9 July 2018 (UTC)

Note --Gil Penha-Lopes (talk) 15:39, 17 June 2018 (UTC) Some interesting information I found in a TESS deliverable which might be useful but the copy is strange, needs to be read or copy again: "Within the body of work further reviewed in the next sections, a wide array of objectives, including the following: enhancement of public space, improvement of the neighbourhood, neighbourhood beautification, "eyes on the street", leisure and fun, health (Wakefield et al. 2007; Freeman et al. 2012), economic benefits, job creation, entrepreneurship, other self-serving motives (Rosol 2012), social innovation, technological innovation, civic engagement, socialization and social linkages, community building (Bellows et al. 2003; Alaimo et al. 2008; Robinson-O'Brien et al. 2009), political claim, reducing ecological footprint, providing green infrastructure (Viljoen and Howe 2005; Van Veenhuizen 2006), improve deprived neighbourhoods (Kremer and DeLiberty 2011), ecological resilience, greenhouse gas mitigation, reconnect production-consumption linkages (Kloppenberg et al. 1996; Jarosz, 2008; Maye et al. 2007; Donald et al. 2010), subvert capitalist logics, re-embed production within social relations, social inclusion (Kurtz 2001;"[1]

See page 52 for a CBI self assessment on environmental, social, economic and other relevance, importance and achievement

See page 204 of the same TESS D4.1 about "Empowering or constraining imaginaries? An analysis of the discourses of change and justice of community based initiatives" [1]

Broken link

The link to the ''full public release'' in section background and production process seems to be broken.Lilian Seidler (talk) 09:24, 2 January 2020 (CST)


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