Talk:Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life below water

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Key strategies:

  • Reduction in direct sources of pollution (e.g. use and disposal of plastics, chemicals, human wastes)
    • General in terms of lifestyle change
    • Specific efforts, e.g. Campania
  • Reduced dependency on industrial processes that damage marine life:
    • Lower energy needs - offshore oil exploitation and windfarms
    • Localization of food production and dietary choices - unsustainable harvesting of marine life
  • Examples of initiatives coastal communities with sea-based livelihoods?

--Gil Penha-Lopes (talk) 13:42, 9 July 2018 (UTC)

Could cite co-management approaches to marine resource management in Oceania etc. and role of local knowledge - as a potential model for community-led planning and management in coastal communities dependent on the sea as an economic resource, drawing on local knowledge and the collaboration skills of CLIs.