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Gil, May 1st Found this. Could be interesting

TN "Thus the research here looked at a wide panoply of activities. They included the typical, or stereotypical, Transition activities: community gardening, farmer's markets, film screenings, eco-festivals, permaculture courses, insulation programs, (eco-) entrepreneurial workshops, art exhibitions, jam making, film screenings, guerilla gardening, collecting behavior change pledge signatures, yoga courses, reading groups, local currency schemes, and much more." (Aiken 2017:308528) "There were other projects these groups engaged with that went beyond the Transition staple, or stereotype, too. These included: building an Earthship, developing renewable energy projects, retrofitting buildings, founding as ESCO (Energy Service Company), lobbing local companies to change food suppliers, engaging with businesses to develop on-site renewable energy production, or a Combined Heat and Power system, protesting against the establishment of a new supermarket, supporting fellow members running for local election, and much, much more." (Aiken 2017:308528)

Check these references in Zotero Alexander, S., Rutherford, J., 2018. The “Transition Town” Movement as a Model for Urban Transformation, in: Moore, T., de Haan, F., Horne, R., Gleeson, B.J. (Eds.), Urban Sustainability Transitions, Theory and Practice of Urban Sustainability Transitions. Springer Singapore, pp. 173–189.

Interesting articles:

- Santiago, M.P., Cunha, L.I. da, Cartea, P.Á.M., 2017. Resilient Communities to Climate change. Environmental Education and Movement in Transition Connection. Procedia - Soc. Behav. Sci. 237, 925–930.

--Gil Penha-Lopes (talk) 15:21, 28 October 2018 (UTC)

TN needs for lottery bid

  • Evidence to support idea that Transition groups can contribute to system change: achievements and potential
  • Examples of where stuff has happened that indicates this potential (and barriers and enablers)