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One aim of the UrbanA project is to establish a community of practice (CoP) on sustainable and just cities. The core of the project is a collaborative learning process, in the form of a series of arena events, that combines the competences of consortium partners with those of other researchers and practitioners involved in city making with whom the project builds strategic links. The UrbanA community of practice will be both a core outcome and integral component of this learning process.

Definition of the CoP

Like any other CoP, the UrbanA community of practice is defined in relation to three main elements:

A domain of shared interest
The domain of interest corresponds with that of the UrbanA project: justice and sustainability in cities
A community that shares this interest
The community of shared interests consists of all active participants in, contributors to and followers of UrbanA, its online and offline activities and/or outputs
The practice this community undertakes together
The community is constituted through ongoing engagement in UrbanA through the four Arena events, Arena side events and other project activities. Through these, participants will engage in learning processes that develop and/or deepen local, translocal and regional networks over the three years of the project – and beyond.