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I am a member of Ecolise staff within the knowledge and learning working group. In this capacity I initiated this wiki and the wider knowledge commons of which it is part. I am also series editor in the Ecolise-themed book series Community-led transformations and lead author/editor on the first two books in the series, Permaculture and Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience, Community Action and Societal Transformation. I am a senior research fellow at the Schumacher Institute and research collaborator at FCiencias, a member of the Permaculture Association and long-time collaborator with Transition Network.

I work at the edge between research and practice in community-led action towards a fairer and more sustainable world. By approaching research as a form of social permaculture, I seek to make this edge productive and mutually beneficial.[1] This is in order that research contributes directly to community resilience [2] and that the social, cultural and intellectual innovations taking place in transformative movements [3] can help liberate research and learning from the institutional constraints within which they take place.[4] I co-founded and remain a coordinator of the Transition Research Network and, via involvement in the TREE proposal, became involved in the process that led to the founding of Ecolise in 2014.

My current work builds on and is informed by my Ph.D. research on indigenous forest use and ethnoecological knowledge in Guyana.[5] Having completed a major theoretical monograph based on this research,[6] I intend to make these influences more explicit in future work.

I live on a narrowboat moored at a community growing project in Northern England and am active as a shamanic practitioner.

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