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New Wiki Pages

Hi Ines, responding to your note:

November 2nd-15th: I will start developing pages on the following topics:

   Social Innovation
   Grassroots Innovation
   Low Carbon Communities
   Grassroots Globalisation
   Transition Movement
   Community Energy
   Community Currencies

I'm adding this modified list, with links already created and following the capitalisation format we've agreed. Also some suggested changes to titles:

   Social innovation
   Grassroots innovation
   Low carbon communities
   Grassroots globalisation
   GEN - suggest the main page is Global Ecovillage Network and GEN acts as a redirect (it's easy to make this change even if GEN is the original page)
   Transition movement - can have a redirect from Transition Towns
   Community energy
   Community currencies - are you happy with Complementary currencies as the main page? Community currencies, Alternative currencies and other (near)-synonyms could redirect to there.

Looking forward to seeing your pages! --Tom Henfrey (talk) 12:17, 2 November 2017 (CET)

--Inescampos (talk) 10:05 3 November 2017 (CET) Hi Tom, thanks for the editing. I've deleted what I wrote on my user page (and also your comment below), since I was breaching wiki etiquette (in our skype I had understood that i should write in that page what I was working on, now I understand I should use instead this discussion page - I guess the user page is maybe a page with our bios or something?). I thought I was suppose to tell you what I would be working on, now I understand I should write the topics as names of pages. Already started the social innovation page, it took me all day just to write that piece! Thank you for making that job of creating the pages for me! In the page I wrote I still didn't connect some pages to some of the words in the text - e.g. resilience, transformation, others...that can be linked to existing pages. I can do that today, but will also start working on the grassroots innovation page (which will also be linked to the grassroots title in the social innovation page...) so that part of interlinking pages is still missing, and I am aware, but I have to read the help menu before advancing. I've already understood how to redirect pages, and yes I'm ok with Complementary currencies as the main pages.

--Inescampos (talk) 10:15 6 November 2017 (CET)

Hello Tom, aside from the pages listed above, could also work on the page Sustainability Transitions? Since I'm still in the more conceptual realm, before moving on to the pages about complementary currencies, etc. I would like to add something to this sustainability transitions page...are you ok with that? I've started editing that page today, it will help also to start with the more conceptual parts and move on to data on specfic aspects. I will continue tomorrow.